Day to Day Care

Day to day care can be a perfect solution if you want to remain independent in your own home, but need a bit of extra help to stay comfortable. This can be occasional or every day, and day to day care is our most flexible option. Our carers understand that your peace of mind is important.
Depending on what you need, a visiting carer can help with everything from bathing and dressing to domestic chores or activities such as laundry and cooking. A visiting carer is a practical and preferable alternative to residential care, helping you to retain independence at home.
Our carers do all they can to support your decisions. From the little things that matter such as what to eat for supper, helping to choose what to wear, to maintaining a social life with friends and family and enjoying hobbies such as gardening.
Day to day care is the ideal flexible solution to support independent living and avoid residential care. As needs change and develop, visits can be stepped up or reduced to suit your needs.

Personal Care tasks are completed by competent and trained carers and include:
• Bathing
• Toileting
• Continence Management
• Feeding
• Assistance with mobility, transfer and positioning
• Washing, including personal hygiene
• Assisting in and out of bed
• Assisting with dressing and undressing
• Special diet and meal preparation
• Supervision of medication

Respite Care

Your family no doubt looks after you wonderfully well, but there are times when an extra pair of hands, or some time off, would be very welcome. This is where we can step in to provide flexible short term respite care.
We know that you would prefer to stay independent and in your own home, but you may need help to do this. Top-quality respite care is an excellent way of recharging the batteries of those who care for you.
The first step is to give us a ring to discuss what you need. We will come and visit you to map out a possible plan of action. We will work with you, plus other professionals such as the GP and community nurses, to create a seamless handover that is reassuring to everyone.
Bespoke care
Everyone’s needs are different, which is why we tailor the care we provide to suit. It might be just half an hour a day, a day a week, or the occasional night.
Our respite care service is another way of ensuring that you can stay in your own home and maintain your independence. This is usually preferable to the difficulty and disruption of a move into residential care.
We have long-standing experience of caring for people within their own homes, and are happy to discuss all aspects and fit in with your needs and those of your family. When they need to take some time off, we are there to provide the same standard of care that they do.
As an option we also offer respite care at our Care Homes (subject to availability).

Live in Care

If you feel you need more support or simply companionship then live-in care can be a perfect solution. Live-in care is usually preferable to residential care, and also works well as a stop gap when you need that bit of extra help after a hospital stay or an illness.
While a live-in carer does not cover the whole 24 hours – we can organise further cover if it is what you need – they are around the house most of the time, providing company as well as care.
Depending on what you need or would like, your live-in carer can help with everything from bathing and dressing to domestic activities such as laundry and cooking. A live-in carer is a practical and preferable alternative to residential care, helping you to retain your independence in your own home.
Our carers support your lifestyle choices, accompany you on outings and help you to continue to enjoy hobbies such as gardening. Live-in care is the ideal solution to supported independent living.

Convalescent Care

We provide convalescent carers to support you in your own home while you concentrate on recovering your strength.
If a hospital visit is on the cards, it’s well worth planning ahead for extra help when you go home.
We can help by sending that fully trained extra pair of hands to you for as long or short a time as is needed. They will be able to help you with simple domestic tasks such as shopping and cooking, to more personal care in the bathroom or with dressing.

Our specialist local care team can work with you and your family, as well as health and social care professionals, to help make the transition from hospital to home as smooth as possible.